BLACK+DECKER BXPW2500DTS-E Pressure Washer 59% OFF £133.83 @ Amazon

BLACK+DECKER BXPW2500DTS-E Pressure Washer 59% OFF £133.83 @ Amazon
  • TWO POWER UNITS – Cold water high pressure washer with the exclusive Dualtech System, in which the machine contains two power units. The user can activate just one power unit or both of them, to enjoy performances 50% superior to a conventional home & garden high pressure washer
  • DUALTECH FAST CLEANING MODE – CActivating Fast Cleaning mode (2 POWER UNITS) increases water flow to up to 850 l/h (more than twice a standard home & garden high pressure washer), allowing effortless, faster removal of the most stubborn dirt from large areas, or cleaning of vertical walls up to 5 m high
  • ECO SOFT CLEANING MODE – Eco (Energy Saving) Soft Cleaning mode uses 1 power unit and is recommended for light washing of smaller surfaces, to avoid wasting energy
  • TWIN NOZZLE – The high pressure washer comes complete with the innovative twin nozzle adapter, fitted to the lance to enable connection of two nozzles, doubling the surface cleaned and cutting the time taken to clean a given area by up to 70%
  • 2.5KW HIGH PRESSURE WASHER – Pressure (bar) max. 150; Rated power (kW) 2.5; Flow rate (l/h) max. 810; Inlet water temperature (°C) max. 50, are all the highest values in the range
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