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Hair Removal Cream for Men, Luckyfine Extra Gentle Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Areas, Powerful Formula and No Odor Used on Bikini, Underarm, Chest, Back, Legs and Arms for Men
  • Natural: Various plant extractions ingredients can depilate hair mildly and tender skin without irritation, which can relieve skin discomfort effectively.
  • Painless : Luckyfine Men Hair Removal Cream delivers painless hair removal for men, with results that last longer than shaving. The extra strength depilatory cream is formulated specifically for coarse male body hair and is effective in as little as several minutes.
  • Luckyfine Hair Removal Cream uses a more powerful formula while being more gentle, thus demonstrating your perfect man’s majesty. We hereby promise that this product has no odor, does not cause allergies and is absolutely effective.
  • Suit all Skins: Men Hair Removal Cream dissolves hair just below skin surface for days of smooth, hair free skin. Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for private hair removal for body, chest, arms and legs.
  • Easy to Use: Simple and easy to use, portable size is convenient to use anytime and anywhere. Moisture, repair skin after hair removal to create smooth, delicate and glossy skin.
Hair Removal Cream

Luckyfine Men’s Hair Removal Cream – New experience of hair removal to you.

Hair Removal Cream for men

It is a mild cream – This time, we designed a very gentle hair removal cream for men. It gently softens to your skin and it acts gently, slowly reaching the roots of the hair from the surface of the skin and gently taking off your hair. After worked, its incomparably mild nature causes it to not cause redness, pain, etc., even for women with more delicate skin, can use this product with confidence. In addition, it will smell lighter than other hair removal creams.

It is a powerful cream – This is because it can not only easily remove the male legs and chest hair, but even the thicker mane and pubic hair, it can be easily done. All you have to do is apply it to the area where you need to remove hair, then wait for 15 minutes.

Mild but Powerful

hair removal DepilatoryHair Removal SprayDepilatory Foam
A Dating for The Cream and SkinAs a gentle men’s hair removal cream, we have designed a milder formula for it. After applying the product to the area where hair removal is required, the ingredients will slowly penetrate into the pores and reach the roots of the hair. If you don’t know it, the roots of the hair will be broken.Not Just Removing HairNot just remove the hair, you will be surprised to find that after you use this product to remove hair, your skin is smoother! Will not bring you any redness, tingling etc.Of course, I think your most satisfying should be its very light smell – sometimes, you even ignore the use of it!Best Gift to SummerWhen you use this product to remove hair, you will be surprised to find that it seems that summer is not so hot! This is a product that can bring you a cool feeling of skin, because the hairless skin is more conducive to the heat dissipation of your skin. This summer, it depends on it!
hair removal

About the Product

  • Product specifications: 100 g
  • Applicable area: body (not recommended for face)
  • Suitable for skin: most skin
  • Applicable people: adults
  • Note: Please test the skin for allergic reactions of this product before use.


Clean the area of the skin that needs to be removed before use.

After drying, apply the cream evenly to the designated area with a spatula.

Note: You must apply along the hair and apply a thick enough layer. After waiting for 15 minutes, slowly scrape off the covered paste with a spatula and clean it thoroughly.


This product is not suitable for children but is suitable for adult women.

Storage: placed in a cool place.

Because this product is a mild formula, it usually takes 15 minutes to fully function.Hair Removal Cream

Method of use – step 1

1. Distribute the cream evenly over the skin with the curved side of the spatula so that all hair is covered.

Note: please test the skin for allergic reactions of this product before use.Hair Removal Cream

Method of use – step 2

2. The waiting time depends on the thickness of the hair. Normally leave for 15-20 minutes.Hair Removal Cream

Method of use – step 3

3. Then use the spatula to test it in a small area to see if the hair can be removed.Hair Removal Cream

Method of use – step 4

4. If you lose your hair slightly, you can continue removing other hair with the spatula, depending on the more detailed situation in the region of the body. Finally, rinse the skin thoroughly with water and dry.

Men's Hair Removal Cream

Luckyfine Men’s Hair Removal Cream

Depilatory cream for men, hair removal on the back, chest, arms, legs and armpits, etc. Effective hair removal and moisturizing formula.

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