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Orchard Toys Bus Stop Game
  • A simple addition, subtraction and counting game
  • Top 10 bestseller
  • Colourful board and pieces
  • Suitable for ages 4-8 and 2-4 players
  • Packaging illustrations may vary slightly due to packaging update in 2017

This classic Orchard Toys counting game helps children develop basic maths skills, including counting, addition and subtraction. Throw the dice to move your bus counter around the board and then spin the spinner to count passengers on and off, depending on whether you land on a plus or minus space. The winner is the player with the most passengers when their bus reaches the bus station!

In Bus Stop, children learn simple addition and subtraction skills whilst also having fun! There’s plenty to talk about with so many passengers – Where are they going? How many are wearing hats? Can you find a passenger with a moustache? Can you spot the helter skelter on the board? Made from thick, durable board, this brightly-coloured board game for ages 4-8 is bound to give years of enjoyment.

Manufacturer’s Description

Orchard Toys products are made in Britain from durable, recycled board and have a wipe-clean finish, meaning they will stand the test of time against constant playing, wear and tear and messy hands! Our range is developed, designed and illustrated by our talented in-house team with education in mind. Working in conjunction with teachers, nursery professionals and children themselves, we ensure that every product maintains the perfect balance between educational benefits and play value…making learning fun!See more

From the manufacturer

Bus Stop

Bus Stop

Race to the bus station, picking up and dropping off passengers as you go! Throw the dice to move your bus around the board, either landing on a plus or minus square. Players spin the spinner to determine the number of passengers to count on or off their bus. The winner is the player with the most passengers when their bus finally arrives at the bus station!

Bus Stop is an Orchard Toys classic and has been a top 10 favourite for many years. Children will develop their adding and subtracting skills and have fun talking about the interesting characters and places the bus stops along the way!

Key Features

40 Passenger Cards4 Bus Playing BoardsSpinnerAddition and Subtraction Sums
40 Passenger CardsWhat activities are the different characters doing? One’s sat with her dog, another is reading a book and one is eating a lollipop! Children will have fun as they spot what the different characters are doing.4 Bus Playing BoardsIncludes colourful bus playing boards, great for introducing young children to the concept of travel and transport.SpinnerThe game can change quickly as players gain and lose players by spinning the spinner!Addition and Subtraction SumsChildren can begin to practise simple subtraction and addition sums when adding or removing players from their bus.

Educational Benefits

Develops Number and CountingObservation SkillsSocial Skills
Develops Number and Counting SkillsChildren will develop their number and counting skills as they move around the board adding and subtracting passengers from their bus.Encourages Observational SkillsThere’s lots to see in this fun town! Children will enjoy spotting the fun characters that can be used to prompt conversation.Develops Personal and Social SkillsAs children play they will develop social skills such as turn taking, communicating and rule following – among many others!
orchard Toys

About Orchard Toys

Orchard Toys have been making educational games and jigsaws in Britain for nearly 50 years. The emphasis is on ‘learning made fun’, meaning parents can benefit from our trusted educational values whilst children will have so much fun they’ll want to play time and time again!

We are passionate about producing high-quality products with minimal impact on our environment. All our games and jigsaws are made from recycled board and paper from sustainable sources. Sturdy, wipe-clean game and puzzle boards mean our products will stand the test of time against wear and tear and messy hands, ensuring they can be passed down through generations.

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