Our 5 best Christmas Movies (SPOILERS)


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, yes it is Christmas time well almost but if you’re like me then you start celebrating early in December you know maybe even November, I mean who’s to say but regardless it’s now it’s time to get in the Christmas spirit. Christmas songs are playing on the radio and Christmas movies are starting to play on TV and that’s we’re gonna be talking about today. All right let’s get started on this list of the top 5 best Christmas movies but before we get started I just want to say there are hundreds of amazing Christmas movies out there and I can only mention 5, so if your favorite one isn’t mentioned I’m sorry in advance so I had a list of like 15 movies and everyone in the office helped me narrow it down.

OK in our Number 5 spot we have Miracle on 34th Street the original movie came out in 1947 but the remake we are all more familiar with starring Mara Wilson came out in 1994 this movie is the perfect way to start off the holiday season. This movie shows us that if you truly believe then anything is possible it takes place in New York and at the beginning of the movie we get to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the movie ends on Christmas Day we fall around six-year-old Susan who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus because her mother told her a long time ago that he wasn’t real huh! Susan’s mother what were you thinking but luckily meeting a special department store Santa named Kris Kringle Susan’s mindset started to change throughout the movie a competing department store manages to get Kris behind bars stating that he’s dangerous and crazy because he truly believes that he’s the real Santa Claus. The whole community comes together to support Kris as they too believe he’s Santa Claus and he ends up winning the case the original film did so well that it won Academy Awards for Best Actor in a supporting role, best writing original story and best writing screenplay. If you haven’t watched it yet make sure you check it out.

In Number 4 spot How the Grinch Stole Christmas now we have the animated and live-action version both of which are great the animated movie came out in 1966 and the live-action movie came out in 2000 the animated movie was a musical TV special based on the written book of dr. Seuss it tells the story of the Grinch who lives up in the mountains in a cave on Mount crumpit and he’s hated Christmas for the past 53 years every year the town below him of Whoville decorates and sings and he can no longer take it so on Christmas Eve he even tries to take away Christmas from the town folks of Whoville by stealing their trees of presents. He thinks without all of their things they will be miserable just like he is however as we all know Christmas spirit is in our hearts so the hoos start to sing and the Grinch realizes the true meaning of Christmas. Then we hear the famous line maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a storm a Christmas perhaps means a little bit more and he slides down the mountain returns of stuff and has Christmas dinner with them in the live-action movie. The Grinch follows the same storyline only they dive deeper into the Grinch’s backstory and explain why he hates Christmas so much and then you see him as a baby and he’s so darn cute and in this movie he and Cindy Lou who have more interaction in the live-action movie. Jim Carrey plays the Grinch and he does an amazing job I couldn’t imagine anyone else being able to pull off this character the way he did.

At Number 3 The Santa Claus came out in 1994 and it stars Tim Allen if you haven’t seen it yet you need to watch it because it is so great and it just embodies Christmas. This movie is followed by two sequels The Santa Clause 2 and the Santa Clause 3 escape the clause so in this movie Tim Allen plays a divorced father named Scott Calvin and when he inadvertently kill Santa on Christmas Eve he is then recruited to be the new Santa he and his son Charlie gone the roof they see eight reindeer and a slave and then they see there are instructions for Scott to put on the Santa Claus suit so with a lot of begging from the Sun he does and then they hop on the sleigh and deliver presents and then they’re transported to the North Pole the next morning Scott wakes up and at first he thinks it was all a dream but over the next several months he starts to gain weight and grows a white beard once Scott realizes there’s escaping this he gets to work Charlie is proud that his dad is the new Santa Claus so he tells his mother Charlie’s mom thinks her ex-husband is crazy and takes full custody of Charlie Christmas Eve rolls around yet again and Charlie then sneaks off with his dad to deliver presents which results in Scott aka Santa getting arrested but don’t worry they’ll just break him out using tinsel did you know it’s not just for decoration this movie’s funny and it really talks about the Christmas spirit and at the end of the movie everyone believes in the true meaning of Christmas as it should be.

Coming in at Number 2 spot A Christmas story. This movie came out in 1983 it’s a classic I watch this movie every Christmas Eve with my family it’s a tradition it’s about a nine-year-old boy named Ralphie and his family throughout this movie we see Ralphie’s relationships with his family friends and his school bullies, in this movie we learned that Ralphie wants nothing more than Red Ryder air BB gun for Christmas, but everyone keeps telling him he’ll shoot his eye out Christmas morning arrives and Ralphie ends up getting his BB gun but the gun doesn’t up backfiring cuts him so you know the adults were right then the family goes out for Christmas dinner because the neighbor’s dog ate theirs they arrive at the restaurant sit down and then a duck’s head gets chopped off right in front of them, funny facts the actress who plays the mother wasn’t expecting them to actually chop off the head so the screams and the laughing she does in that scene that was all unrehearsed. Also throughout this movie the dad wins a major award which turns out to be a leg lamp which is an iconic staple of this movie then the movie ends with Ralphie lying in his bed on Christmas night with his gun by his side and his parents are cuddling on the living room couch looking out the window at all the snow.

In at our Number 1 spot Home Alone 1 & 2 yes pretty much the best Christmas movie of all time, both of them are so great this is a rare occasion where the sequel is just as good as the original but for this list let’s talk about the first one this movie came out in 1990 and it’s about a bratty eight-year-old named Kevin McAllister played by Macaulay Culkin the night before the family’s trip to Paris Kevin starts acting out when all of his aunts uncles and cousins are at his house he’s sent to sleep in the bedroom on the third floor by his mother played by Catherine O’Hara before Kevin goes to sleep he wishes his family would just disappear during the night, the power goes out and the family sleeps in once they realized they get up and they rush to the airport however they forgot something, or should I say someone very important, behind Kevin then wakes up to an empty house and he thinks his wish to make his family disappear came true at first he’s excited and doing everything he could never do with his family around but things quickly turn for the worst when he realizes 2 con men are trying to rob his house, Kevin then decides he needs to defend his house so he sets up a bunch of booby traps to scare them away. This movie is absolutely hilarious and then at the end when he and his mother reunite you just bawl your eyes out because it’s just so beautiful.

So there you guys have it that – list of the top 5 best Christmas movies I highly recommend watching all of these movies before Christmas.

We want to know what is your favorite Christmas movie let us know your answer down in the comments.

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