People are actually buying Glitter Poop Pills!!!

People are actually buying Glitter Poop Pills to make more attractive poos, and they are now available to buy in the UK! Rawpixel Ltd

A company called ‘Shit the Glitter’ sell these glitter pills on Amazon UK and people are actually buying them. Their biggest seller is the ‘glamour pack’, you get all kinds of colours so you can choose which ones to use, depending on your mood we suppose?

Maybe these are for all the glamorous people out there who like to admire their own poos and show their poos off to their friends.


Surprisingly The pills are NOT meant to be swallowed according to the bizarre instructions and ominous warnings on the ‘glamour pack’ packaging.

Shit the Glitter – Amazon UK –

The warnings seem to suggest. Do not take them in the sea? Do not sniff them? Do not set fire to them? Do not swallow them? Do not smoke them? and if you can work out the last one let us know in the comments…

HOW TO USE: (According to Shit the Glitter)

1. Go to the toilet

2. Think about all the stress you had the last days

3. Put all your energy into your business

4. Open a pill and sprinkle it over your poo until you are happy

5. Just be happy about what you just did and snap it on snapchat

6. Smile and flush it away

The good news is they are hand made in Germany.

Shit the Glitter – Amazon UK –

So you are actually meant to sprinkle them onto your number 2s. The company recommend taking a picture of your creations and posting them on snapchat. (Please do not do this).

Upon further investigation. On there website they have a whole range of products for all occasions. They have one for potty training ‘A lot of fun for you and your child!‘ they say. They even have a pack for valentines day.

Is this new trend here to stay? Will you be buying any Shit the Glitter capsules?

You can get them here at Amazon UK #Ad



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